Custom Wallcoverings

Custom Wallcoverings - £95: Get a full roll of your own wallpaper printed for as little as £95.00 per roll...

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Change your office or dining room with a Bespoke Wall Mural. Send us your photos and see it transformed into a mural for just £45 per sq/m...

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Wallpaper murals based on popular TV series such as Doctor Who. Many available and you can also provide your own. Starting at £45 per sq/m...

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Talk to the specialists in Customisation

We are specialists in the printing of Wallcoverings, Wall Murals and Canvas Art Prints for your home or office. We specialise in printing your images and designs onto traditional wallpaper stock or creating a collage from your photos, giving your own images and designs the look and feel of real wallpaper.

You can either send us your photo by email or by post so we can create a custom wallpaper / wall mural just for you. Simply email . We also offer recolouring based on your wallpaper designs to match the Decor of your home or office.

Our team have been making canvas prints since the trend started, making us one of England's leading source for digitally printed wallpaper.

We like to make things quick and easy for our customers, and there's a reason we use conventional wallpaper stock: It makes it easier for you to hang; making it ideal for home DIY projects as well as commercial environments.

When printing onto wallpaper, we use eco friendly ink which is made from vegetable based ingredients that contain no solvents. There is zero chemical smell from our printed wallpaper.